White Glove Services

Listing & Content Creation

**Photography & Graphic Design Services: These services are not included as part of account management, but can be purchased for an additional fee. **

Brand Registry Management

Listing Optimization and Keyword Research

PPC Management

We utilize Amazon advertising tools to manage campaigns on Amazon and 

Inventory Management, Forecasting and Replenishment

Warehouse Communication:

Financial Reporting

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“Having MMX Distribution take over my account management was a seamless experience. They have extensive experience in the field and really helped us optimize our business and take it to the next level."

Our Process

Free Consultation

We'll provide a free consultation to determine if the Amazon marketplace is a good avenue for your business and existing customers and explore how we can help optimize and maximize growth.

Sign Up

A three month commitment is required to evaluate mutual partnership, determine if Amazon is right for initial storefront setup and identify a road to profitability.

Three Month Evaluation

We'll meet to discuss our findings. If our review indicates a path to profitability, we require a one year commitment.

“Amazon is amazon. Every day, there are new rules, new regulations, and new opportunities. It’s an ever growing, evolving business. MMX is always on top of everything. They’re going to the seminars, speaking to industry leaders to know what’s new, what’s next. Their inside knowledge is key.”

Nicole Foos, PPI Apparel

Are We Right For You?

You already have an established Amazon seller account or you have strong, established brand recognition in other platforms.

You have a minimum of 100k a month in sales.

Our primary clients are in the apparel space- and we provide a significant advantage if you are in this category. However, we do service other categories, such as home goods, accessories, auto care, and more.

Our Requirements

Invested Partners

Maintaining an Amazon seller account and creating a profitable path forward comes along with significant overhead expenses. Clients need to be willing to invest in the Amazon channel with both time and money. A point of contact must be established who will be available to answer questions, confirm information, discuss strategies and engage in the marketplace in a timely manner.

Committed Partners

To determine if Amazon is a profitable platform for your business, we require a three month commitment to make a data based decision.

Azsellerkit Software Usage

Our software is included with your management fee, but we must be able to utilize this tool to perform our data analysis and strategic recommendations.

What's The Risk?

Amazon is an expensive platform and investing on this platform comes along with financial risk. Here’s a few important financial impacts