Amazon Account Management FAQ

At the initial consultation, we will meet to learn more about your business and the products you sell to determine if your company would be a good fit for our services.

With extensive warehouse marketing experience, we are happy to help facilitate warehouse communication and management.

A minimum of 3 months is required in order to assess if the Amazon platform is a good match for your business and products.

Yes, after the initial 3 month trial, we provide services on an annual contract basis.

Utilizing AZsellerkit (at no additional cost) is a required part of our services, as we use the data to analyze, forecast, and make strategic decisions.

While our expertise is in the apparel space, we service many other industries, including accessories, car maintenance and home goods.

Our expertise is in helping enterprise level businesses with complex structure, but we do service smaller companies as well, provided they have strong brand presence on or off the Amazon platform.

As creators of our own software, we maintain a team of software developers who continuously customize the software for our clients, providing us with the flexibility and tech we need to tackle any business challenge.

We estimate that most businesses need to invest $100,000-$150,000 to enter the Amazon platform.

We are happy to set up and integrate your Amazon seller account, provided that you have strong brand recognition on other platforms.

Absolutely.  That is the purpose of the initial 3 month trial period.  At the end, we we will provide our assessment regarding the platform’s feasibility for your business and we will always be honest, as we want our clients to succeed.

Buy with Prime FAQ

Our Buy with Prime service is a standalone feature.  We can perform any setup/integration that’s necessary, without account management.

We charge a one-time fee to perform the setup and integration. 

Amazon allows you to choose which products on your website have the Buy with Prime option. It is not required to make all your products available with Buy with Prime.

Products that are above the $40-$50 price point are ideal for the Amazon platform.  Below that number, profit is challenging.

Amazon allows you to continue to have complete authority over your website and you can choose any price for your Buy with Prime item.

Yes. With Buy with Prime, you will continue to receive all shopper order information.

Amazon handles all aspects of shipping and returns.