Amazon, from the very beginning

Managing over 40 million dollars a year Amazon revenue

Employing full team of in- house, seasoned professionals

Serving as an Amazon agency before the agency model existed

Your success is our success' is not just a
nice turn of phrase. We mean it.

We treat your business like our own. Every dollar we spend is with as careful consideration as if it was coming out of our own pocket. We are hyper focused on delivering value, and as such require our clients to be committed, engaged partners. Since it’s ‘our business’, we’re all in. And we’re all in, together.

Which Amazon story is yours?


Recently launched on Amazon, feels like he's landed in a foreign country. Has a full team and staff dedicated to working on the integration but struggling. Was already on other big platforms, assumed could cut and paste the processes. Wasn't prepared for how different Amazon operates. Has an agency to manage the listings, but everything else falling on their shoulders. Keeps running into compliance issues. Ran out of inventory and listing was removed. Found a rogue seller operating under their brand. Has no resources to dedicate to removing him. Keeps getting hit by hidden fees. Bogged down by all the details.


Recently launched on Amazon. Account setup was smoothly handled. Listing is updated and optimized. All logistics are handled. Inventory properly forecasted and replenished. Brand registry watched and managed. Clear financial picture helps make sound decisions. Warehouses kept informed and supervised. Meets weekly to discuss strategies. Integration and growth on track to creating profitable sales.

"They are the most amazing team. I can call, text, email at any time. If there's an issue? Done, resolved. You want to talk over an idea, they're there. I love our team."

Nicole Foos, PPI Apparel

Full logistics team to handle every aspect of your account:


Software Developers


Account Managers


PPC Managers


Customer Service


General Assistants


Shipment Creation




Logistic Managers

Rooted in Expertise

Founded in Retail

MMX Distribution & Services was founded in 2015 as an outgrowth of our NYC retail store, Entertainment Outlet. This Manhattan storefront sold DVDS, cassettes and CD’s since the late 1990’s. Evolving with the changing times, in the early 2000’s, Entertainment Outlet moved into wholesale distribution and online sales. By 2003, we were entrenched in the Amazon marketspace when it was primarily a bookstore. The business grew to be one of the largest sellers of media on the Amazon marketplace, as we accumulated a deep understanding of Amazon, its complexities and how it worked.

Sharing our Amazon Expertise

Business colleagues began to seek out consulting services, and in 2015, we became an Amazon agency before the model existed, offering business management advice as MMX Distribution and Services. With most of our clients operating in the apparel space, we began picking up nationally recognized brands, such as Marvel, Disney, Champion, US POLO, RBX, and Bebe and grew to manage millions of dollars a year in Amazon revenue.

Software Launch

Utilizing our deep understanding of ecommerce and the Amazon platform, we created our own proprietary software AZSellerkit to manage our own Amazon accounts, as well as our clients. In 2020, MMX Distribution launched AZSellerkit and offered it to the public. With cutting-edge software development, its suite of business intelligence tools has powerful functionality, managing inventory and analyzing sales velocity to continuously pinpoint the perfect price point. We continue to utilize AZsellerkit as the backbone of our business, providing clients with direction and advice that stems from deep data analysis and 20+ years of Amazon ecommerce expertise.

"I love their software, AZsellerkit, it's so easy to use. I can go on at any time and get so much information. The sales for the past week, month, and year. I can filter by brand, category, style, color, and size. I can see what's selling and what's not and why. What our inventory levels are. What our advertising position is. They have my life so easy."

Nicole Foos, PPI Apparel

Our proprietary software enables us to:


Discover trends in real time


Understand what's really happening in your business


Respond to new needs swiftly


Customize your tech stack to your business


Make intelligent business decisions


Measure performance and track growth


Gain full visibility into your sales and data

“Before hiring MMX, we tried for 6 months to get our brand registry set up. After hiring MMX, it was established within 3-4 weeks. They know the ‘who’ and the ‘how’ to get things done.”

Amazon is a platform that continuously evolves. We pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve, keeping our finger on the pulse to ensure that we are early adopters and capitalizing on new practice and changes to our clients advantage. With over two decades of Amazon experience, we utilize strategic tactics to ensure growth and drive profitable sales.

“The establishment and infrastructure that MMX has, a full, in-house team with several different managers overseeing all the small details, means that every single aspect is meticulously handled.”

Our Clients: From Then to Now

Launched in 2015 on Amazon, and currently has 40 million in sales (on Amazon & Shopify site).

Began in 2015 with zero amazon presence. Current sales, 15 million a year on Amazon.

Launched on Amazon in 2018, currently have 6 million a year in sales, and are only limited by the inventory that they make available on this channel.

Hire the Amazon experts, who've been
here from the beginning.