Connecting The Amazon Marketplace To You

MMX Distribution Services is your key to selling successfully on Amazon

White Glove Service

MMX puts exclusive focus on you and your needs, making sure your Amazon integration is an asset, not a nuisance

Fast and Efficient

MMX gets you up and running quickly so you don't waste any time or potential on the massive opportunities from Amazon

Results Driven

Everything MMX does is with the goal of helping you achieve your bottom line objectives. Each and every action is done to increase your revenue

What We Do

Inventory Management

No, it’s not only you who has a hard time keeping track of inventory, it’s everyone else too.

MMX places all of your inventory under total control so that you know exactly what you have left, and when you need to get more.

Warehousing & Processing

MMX Distribution owns and operates a 20,000 Square Foot Facility  in Linden, NJ designed specifically with the Amazon FBA seller in mind.

We work with dozens of sellers to process incoming shipments and turn them around with full knowledge of FBA guidelines (and fees).

We also process all removals and returns at our facility, ensuring each and every piece of merchandise is fully accounted for.

Photography & Listing Creation​

One of the biggest keys to success on Amazon is the quality of the photography and descriptions of the products. After all, without compelling reasons to buy, most people won’t.

MMX has developed highly successful listings for hundreds of products and categories and continues to stick to the age old principles of sales psychology when crafting page copy and imagery.

Sponsored Ad Management

Even if you have a great product with awesome images and persuasive copy, you still need to get it in front of the right audience. That’s where MMX’s Sponsored Ad Management comes in. 

MMX builds a campaign around the strengths of your products and constantly monitors and improves the keywords, creative, and bidding to obtain the maximum return on your ad spend, so that you don’t waste money on advertising.

We are values driven

We at MMX Distribution Services believe that every brand no matter how big or small should have access to the Amazon platform. 

We aim to expand your brand and business into the global ecommerce market by taking advantage of the biggest platform that’s out there –

With years of expertise and knowledge we have developed a process that effectively builds your brand’s presence in the direct-to-consumer environment using’s global reach.

We handle everything from account management, data compilation, flat file operations, marketing, to storefront and inventory management.

Marketing is an essential part of ecommerce. With our expertise in SEO, keyword, and social media we deliver your brand to prominence.


I was overwhelmed by the process of getting my products on Amazon, but I knew I had to do it. MMX helped me and made the whole process so easy and fun!
Janet Morris
Level Apparel
We needed help staying on top of our inventory as we were constantly getting hit by fees that nobody understood. Lenny and his team took over inventory completely and we haven't seen a fee for over a year and a half. These guys are amazing!
Willie Brown
Head of Operations
We had started to dabble in Amazon's PPC and banner ads and we weren't seeing much success. MMX changed all of that, bringing us amazing results within days!
Sean Fisher

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