Expert Logistics Management

Handling every aspect of your Amazon account, from Listing Optimization & Brand Registry to Inventory Forecasting & Financial Management.

Customizable Tech Automation

Smoothly integrating ERP systems and automating workflow with customized, proprietary software.

20+ Years Amazon Expertise

Creating strong brand presence with intimate, first-hand Amazon management experience.

Proud to Serve

Amazon is continuously evolving. Early adopters of new practices hold a large advantage, but it’s hard to keep up with the pace, as changes are speedily implemented. It’s challenging to create continuous momentum and foster growth.

And if you’re an enterprise level business, your complex structure and organizational hierarchy brings the degree of complication to an entirely new realm.

MMX Distribution creates a viable path forward to profitability

What People are Saying

Proven Formula

Intelligent Analysis

Deep dive into your business, learning how it works and understanding your process.

Software Support

Our proprietary software AZsellerkit helps identify challenges and manages everything from forecasting to finances.

Weekly Meetings

We analyze patterns and discuss strategies and developments to continuously further growth.

Invested Partner

We treat your business as our own, and as an invested partner, we make considerate, analytical decisions.

“MMX’s reputation is unmatched.  They are “from the scratch” people, selling on Amazon from the very beginning.  They know merchandise, ecommerce and Amazon, inside and out.”

Typical Agencies

Minimal Services

Only provide listing creation and management.


Cookie-cutter solutions performed uniformly for all.

Top Line Sales Focus

Sales increase without attention paid to your bottom line.

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Our Agency

Full Spectrum Services

Comprehensive listing and logistic services, covering every one of your account management needs.

Human Run

Self-designed proprietary software is customizable by in-house developers, enabling agility in implementation.

Drive Profitable Sales

Profits increase with thought-out decisions based on deep analysis, targeted strategy and years of expertise.

“Before we hired MMX Distribution, I was doing everything myself. With 8 different brands, and multiple categories in the apparel industry, it was very overwhelming and we were losing out on money. MMX helped us to achieve new levels of growth. The possibilities are endless. Being able to have a team of experts has grown our business tremendously. It’s everything.”

Nicole Foos, PPI Apparel